Bar 10 Landing Strip sign

Most of our customers arrive and depart the ranch via Whitmore International Airport (our nickname for the Bar 10 airstrip). This can be done by flying your own plane into the ranch, or utilizing our excellent charter service out of Las Vegas.

The airstrip is 4,500 feet long and 33 feet wide. The north 4,000 feet is finished with a chip and seal surface, and the south 500 feet is only a dirt surface.

The airport indicator for the airstrip is 1Z1, and the radio frequency used is 122.900. The airstrip slopes uphill (south to north), therefore most pilots land to the north and takeoff to the south.

During the summer season up to 200 people can fly in and out of this airstrip daily for river rafting trips and scenic tours.

We welcome private planes (visiting the ranch only – no rafting), but because of high traffic and safety we recommend you contact the Bar 10 office for reservations and additional information before landing at the ranch.

*Private planes wishing to pick up or drop off river rafting guests will need to plan on picking up or dropping off those guests at the Boulder City Airport in Boulder, NV (check with the Bar 10 Office for other airport options). Due to past issues, these private planes are NOT allowed to land at the Whitmore Airstrip (Bar 10 Ranch).