Grand Canyon Lodging

Its location within view of the magnificent Grand Canyon – in a beautifully secluded, remote area of the Western United States, 80 miles from the din of civilization – makes the Bar 10 Ranch an unparalleled destination point.

Built in 1982-1983, the Lodge serves as the centerpiece of the ranch for dining, relaxing, and sleeping. The Lodge interior creates an ambiance of the ‘Old West’ with antique wagon wheel chandeliers, pine wood lining, magnificent wood beams, and huge picturesque windows overlooking the Grand Canyon. Outside, the Lodge is finished with a masonry slump block and has a covered porch which invites one to a relaxing seat. Lush surrounding lawns offer either warming sunshine or shaded refuge, and more than a few guests have found that just wiling away the morning or late afternoon hours relaxing can satisfy one’s grandest expectations for a day well spent in the Grand Canyon.

**Fuel is not available to the public. It is a service available to guests only.